Friday, 10 May 2013

Martha Wells

I have to confess I have not written a review for a while because a. I had a Manuscripts Studies essay due in that I really wanted to do well and b. because I have been on a total Martha Wells binge!
I started by re-reading Death of the Necromancer which was even better than I remembered it. I am obsessed with 19th century London, so I loved the feel of the fantasy city of Vienne, where the book is set, which evokes a decaying 19th century city beautifully. I had also forgotten the mish-mash of 19th century literature references, from The Count of Monte Cristo to Sherlock Holmes which are brilliantly woven in.
I then read City of Bones for the first time and was completely blown away! It is set in a fantasy desert landscape, with cities nestled amid the ruins of an ancient civilisation that was almost wiped away in a mysterious occurrance 1000 years before. The main character, Khat, was someone I could really empathise with. He and his business partner are dealers in ancient relics, and I loved the way that it was all about the relics for them, and money was just something they needed to live. The plot was gripping and the heroine, Elen, and all the secondary characters were brilliantly realised. This is a book that desperately needs a sequel!
Finally I read the Raksura trilogy. Initally I found the first book to be quite disappointing. It took me a very long time to get into it, the main characters felt a little too alien. I persevered, however, and by the end of the first book was very glad that I had. The world, and the societies within it are fantastically detailed, imaginative and interesting. I liked the flipping of gender roles and the strong female characters.
Martha Wells is just an amazing writer. I love the themes that run through her work - ruins, abandoned settlements and the sense of previous societies, damaged male leads learning to trust and strong female characters. She writes with great imagination and flair, creating intricate societies and worlds that I would really like to visit.

Death of the Necromancer - 10/10
City of Bones - 10/10
The Raksura Trilogy - 8/10

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